Italian is introduced in Y1 and taught by a native Italian speaking teacher and supported by an Italian speaking Teaching Assistant. Continuing with Italian throughout the Primary school years enables children to achieve a good level of fluency and confidence in a foreign language.

International Dimension
As a school we provide a range of learning opportunities in which children learn of the world around them. It is our duty to ensure that our children develop a greater understanding of the world, its people and their cultures, and how to communicate, as they grow up in a world where more and more come together from every nation to work around ‘one table’.

At St. Vincent’s we have a history of developing international links. Our natural link is with Thigio Nursery School in Kenya as a direct connection to the Daughters of Charity, the Trustees of our school. Our children have continued to raise funds to ensure that the Sisters can provide every child in the village of Thigio with a nursery education. Without a nursery education the children cannot start at the primary school.

We are looking forward also to exchanges between pupils to further improve the use and application of Italian, our MFL.