Science Curriculum Intent

Our intention is that all young Vincentians will experience success as a scientist through using and developing their natural, explorative natures throughout their time in school and beyond.

They will do so through making new discoveries, increasing their sense of awe and wonder at the complexity of the world we live in. They will engage with a science curriculum that enables them to explore and discover the ever-changing world surrounding them, engaging in exciting lessons centred around inclusive, hands-on, enquiry-based experiences.

They will develop a deeper understanding and curiosity through the transferable skills of communication, teamwork and observation, embodying a key principle of the science curriculum – to demonstrate and promote respect for all living and non-living things in our universe. Young Vincentians will be open minded, collaborators who share ideas, questions and results with one another whilst becoming critical thinkers when observing and understanding the world around them. The principles of science are reflected through the Vincentian Values which are embodied by both the staff and students here at St Vincent’s Catholic Primary School.

RE National Curriculum Guidance

Click link above to see the Department of Education's RE national curriculum guidance.