Music Curriculum Intent

Our intention is that all young Vincentians will experience success as a musician by studying music throughout their time at St Vincent’s.

Performing and listening to music from EYFS to year six will bring children at St Vincent’s together to join in with the same experiences as a school community. At St Vincent’s, music is threaded through our project-based learning approach to ensure children explore and appreciate music from different time periods and cultures.

By the end of year six, all children will have engaged in a music curriculum that promotes their long-term enjoyment of music. A year six pupil will be equipped with skills for communication, self expression and creative thinking. The music curriculum will give all children opportunities to develop self confidence and a belief in celebrating individuality. All pupils will develop qualities that they can use in all aspects of life such as determination, supporting others and working as a team.

By the end of year six, children will have partaken in a broad spectrum of musical activities ranging from playing tuned and untuned instruments, rhythm work, composing and performing to listening and appreciating music from a variety of different composers, styles and cultures.
At St Vincent’s, the music environment fosters a sense of community in various school events e.g. our annual Carols in Gallery, Christmas Nativities, Easter Reflections and end of year productions. All pupils have opportunities to choose to take part in extracurricular music lessons or singing.

Music National Curriculum Objectives

Click link above to download a copy of the Department of Education's Music national curriculum objectives.