Religious Education

RE Curriculum Intent

Our aim is for all children to leave St. Vincent’s knowing and loving Christ. Our faith is at the core of everything we do and our pupils are given the opportunity to experience a life in Christ throughout each day. Our challenging and well planned RE curriculum aims to ensure that all children have access to rich, creative experiences where they develop their knowledge and understanding of our Catholic faith. This not only includes studies of scripture and traditions of the Catholic Church, but also what it means to be Christian and living life with Jesus as your example.

We also strive for all children to be Vincentians – treating others with respect and recognising a brother or sister in need. Our Vincentian Values are the heart of our school; developed by staff and pupils together, they guide our choices and learning by keeping Christ’s message of loving God, our neighbour and ourselves at the centre of all we do. This flows through daily life at St. Vincent’s but is clearly visible through our project based curriculum where the values are the starting blocks for each topic. Our projects are built around our values and each has a focus on recognising the need of others and finding ways to help, because they want to, not because they are told to. Therefore our children are taught, shown and given opportunities to live like St. Vincent across the curriculum.

As a Catholic school, we develop strong links with both our local parishes. We want our children to see church as an extension of our school and vice versa. We recognise that not all of our pupils are practising Catholics, and therefore understand that it is our responsibility to ensure our families are supported in the faith development of their children, and that we are offering engaging, diverse, meaningful prayer and worship every day in school. We hope to provide our children with the ‘tools’ to pray and worship, so that as they grow and develop, they are able to make their own choices about their faith.

RE National Curriculum Guidance

Click link above to see the Department of Education's RE national curriculum guidance.