Why Governors?

Legally, under the Charity and Education Law we have the responsibility of ensuring the school is run in accordance with the terms of the Trust Deed.

In practice we are there to support, and encourage the whole school community, and work with the Head to ensure school improvement, safeguarding of all members and preserving the distinct Catholic ethos.

It is not our job to manage the school but to be a critical friend. We do try to know and understand:

  • How the school is run.
  • Current educational issues.
  • The challenges and achievements.

We do this through meetings, participating in school events, seeing the school at work and asking questions.

Why Catholic Schools?

“Catholic schools and colleges, the principles on which they are based and the ethos they seek to engender, are an expression of what is true about the human person and about life lived in community (…) that truth is fully expressed in the person of Jesus Christ. It is explored and presented in the living faith of the Church That conviction of faith, and the desire to witness to it specifically in the world of education, is the ultimate rationale for our Catholic schools and colleges”.
– Cardinal Vincent Nichols.

The Governors’ In Tray

  • Monitoring the implementation of the New Curriculum.
  • Monitoring building maintenance and Health & Safety issues.
  • Reviewing the 2015 SAT results and monitoring academic performance.
  • Using our Governor School Link programme to understand better all aspects of the life of the school see the good work being done.
  • Looking at how we can get the best out of the school’s environmental resources.
  • Training and preparing for a future OFSTED inspection.
  • Ongoing review of the provision of Catholic Primary School places in the area and St. Vincent’s capacity to meet expected growth in demand.