Ethos & Values

Caritas Christi Urget Nos

The love of Christ urges us to care for each other and strive for excellence in everything we do.

Key elements in achieving this are:

  • Enabling each child to learn and develop skills and knowledge in: Religious knowledge, the early learning goals of the foundation stage curriculum, language, mathematics, science, information and communication technology, geography, art, design technology, history, physical exercise, music, modern foreign languages, personal, social, citizenship and health education, social interaction and other world religions, centred on the Catholic faith.
  • Seeking to be a School where worship, prayer and spirituality are central
  • Employing high quality teachers committed to excellence and in full sympathy with the Catholic faith.
  • Ensuring excellence in governance, leadership and management of the School and its resources.
  • Ensuring high quality support/administrative staff committed to excellence.
  • Developing excellence in parental involvement.
    Developing excellence in local community involvement.
  • Maintaining and developing buildings and resources to the highest possible standard.