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Meet Your Rights Respecting Ambassadors

We are currently a silver accredited rights respecting school.

UNICEF is the world’s leading organisation for children and their rights. In 1989, governments across the world promised all children the same rights by adopting the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (except for two).

Alongside our Vincentian Values, we put the UN Convention on the Right of the Child (UNCRC) at the heart of our school’s practice to improve well-being and help all children and young people realise their potential.

St Vincent’s Rights Respecting Ambassadors are a representative group of pupils elected by their peers to represent their views and raise issues concerning them.

Rights Respecting Ambassadors bring the views expressed in class to council meetings. During these sessions, ambassadors discuss areas that are going well within the school, areas for improvement and make requests on behalf of their peers. These views are then fed back to the school’s senior leadership team, teachers and pupils.

The Rights Respecting Ambassadors through their rights hope to help children across the school to:

  • Enjoy and feel empowered by their education.
  • Feel that their school responds to their needs.
  • Have the opportunity to let adults know their feelings and opinions about things that affect them.
  • Have a say about decisions, and to play an active role in making their school a better place.
  • Develop active life skills through participation

Meet your rights respecting ambassadors below:

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