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Raffle Tickets! Step Right Up!

This year our Christmas Raffle will be slightly different.

Friday 20th November will be own clothes day and children are asked to bring in £2.50 for raffle tickets.

Thank you to everyone who has already sent money in via the Christmas Activities sheet. You can of course buy more than £2.50 worth of tickets! Instead of issuing physical tickets this year, to reduce the paper being sent to and from homes, we are going to print the children’s names off and put their names in to the raffle pot instead.

If you have paid £2.50, your child’s name will be entered to the draw 5 times. The Raffle will be drawn on Friday 27th November as part of the school’s virtual assembly. Please ensure that any money relating to tickets is sent into school by Friday 20th November. Please remember that any money being sent in to school needs to be in a labelled envelope with your child’s name, class and PTA stated on the front.

Please see below our list of prizes.
1st Prize – £100 Amazon Voucher
2nd Prize – £50 Izgara voucher
3rd Prize – £30 Amazon Voucher and Kids Hamper
4th Prize – £30 Izgara Voucher with Wine and Chocolates
5th Prize – £20 Izgara Voucher and Bread Maker
6th Prize – £20 Voucher and Wine

Good luck everyone!

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