St Vincent's Catholic Primary School

“How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!”
Psalm 133.1

Mental Health Week 2022

Children’s Mental Health Week 2022 took place from 7-13 February and we celebrated it over two weeks.

This year’s theme was Growing Together.

We encouraged children (and adults) to consider how they have grown and how they can help others to grow. Across the school, classes also completed different activities which you can see below:  

Blackthorn class we decided to start growing a sunflower as a class to help them ‘grow together’ . They discussed what this means and other strategies they can use to help each other. 

They have kept the sunflower in the Poly tunnel at school and we will be checking on it throughout the year to monitor how it grows and to have a quiet place where they can check in with how everyone is feeling. 

Sycamore class have been creating their ‘support balloons’. They show the people in their lives who support and encourage them to grow emotionally. 

Hazel class wrote short statements about what growing together meant to them. They also wrote down positives comments about themselves, what they can do, what they have and who they are. They then displayed these as stars at the entry to the classroom to help remind ourselves about the positives we all possess. 

Rowan class read and discussed the book Ruby’s worry where children decided to share their worries, open up and help each other grow together stronger emotionally. They also spoke about who they could go to and why it is good to share how we feel. They discussed what the theme meant in details. The children wanted to make PowerPoints/posters to help other children find out more information and give them tips and advice.

Other class pictures coming soon…

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