St Vincent's Catholic Primary School

“How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!”
Psalm 133.1

LKS2 Finished Spring Project

The spring term project for LKS2 looked at the Vincentian value of ‘We do not judge others’. We focused on the driving question, “Can we judge a book by its cover?”

Children focused on inspirational people who were judged by their ‘front cover’ and what they achieved in their life as a result of this (see previous blog post). The children sewed a puppet of an inspirational  person we studied and retold their story through poetry and music.

Some of their puppets (see previous blog post for more information).
The children performing their poems.

As we looked at the people who have been judged today and in the past, we took the children back a little further to the Mayan Civilisation. The children made judgements on what they looked like and what they believe they achieved. The made a ‘sweet’ discovery as to what Mayans achieved and also created 3D masks! See below:

The children reflected on the project, the people and events that have made an impact on the world to bring them back to our ultimate saviour and inspiration: Jesus Christ, which they learnt and experienced further through the Easter Reflection. Please watch the video here: *Link coming soon*

The project highlighted and got the children to reflect on our core Vincentian Value of ‘We do not judge others’. The children then wrote emails to their peers sharing the knowledge they learnt through this project and offered advice to encourage their peers on how we should act towards each other especially when the year 5 and 6 children go to secondary school.

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