St Vincent's Catholic Primary School

“How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!”
Psalm 133.1

LKS2 Exploring the Library…

As part of our spring term project: ‘Can we judge a book by its cover?’, LKS2 have been going to the library and picking up a random selection of books. They looked at the front cover only and judged it on its appearance.

We looked at the front covers of books such as Martin Luther King, The Church, A Sailor, Scruff – The Dog, The Maya, Bullying and The Space Lizard Stole my Brain! We also focused on covers of books who had inspirational people on them.

It made us think that even though we do not know anything about the book from its cover, we had certain thoughts about it. Some were boring, some were exciting, some we would want to find out more, some thoughts were negative and some were positive. The point of this task was for us to realise how quickly we judge things we see which can also relate to people. We will focus on this in the next part of our project.

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