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How has technology changed over the last 200 years?

LKS2’s project this term began with exploring this clip of Barack Obama. We explored their opinion on the video and the positives and negatives of social media. It also helped us discuss how the video links to our Vincentian Value: ‘We are respectful of the dignity and wishes of the individual’. We discussed how technology, in particular social media, should be used in today’s world especially in this current pandemic.

We tried to identify how technology has changed over the last 200 years by looking at the Victorian Era. During the reign of Queen Victoria, Britain emerged as the most powerful trading nation in the world so we found out what truly happened in Victorian times and what their contribution was to technology today.

We did research on Queen Victoria, who she was and why she was significant. We learnt about the Industrial Revolution and the Great Exhibition. We tried to understand if the Industrial Revolution had a positive or negative effect on the people of Britain. We created our own leaflets/posters and imagined what the Great Exhibition would be like if it occurred in 2021.

We looked into Victorian Inventors and Inventions and the children looked at the impact these inventions have on today. We explored Victorian railways and how Victorians responded to it. The children also explored the developments in medicine and hygiene since Victorian times which brought up fantastic conversation linking it to the current pandemic.

We explored what life was like for Victorians especially if you were poor and used the book  The Secret Diary of Jane Pinny, Victorian House Maid. This helped children identify and imagine how different life could be depending on who you were or how much money you earnt. We specifically looked at children in the Victorian era, education for children , workhouses and compared it to the children’s lives today. We looked at Victorian children’s games and highlighted how different technology is today. The children also explored what working life was like for Victorian children which they were very surprised by. They wrote a short diary entry imagining they were a Victorian child and tweeted as if they were a Victorian child.

In art, they looked at the style of Victorian houses and the clothes Victorians would wear.

Alongside of this, we dived in deeper into understanding how to stay safe online, what a digital footprint is, what our impact on social media is and what a critical consumer is. We discussed the importance of a safe password, how to create one, how to be mindful of what we put online and how others see us online. This led us on to discussions of cyberbullying and applied this to the online platform Seesaw that we are using for our online learning. Children post comments on each other’s work on their blog so it helped us understand what comments are appropriate to make towards each other.

We focused on how to be internet sharp and alert, we discussed someone’s online reputation and how we need to stay safe online. We shared scenarios and discussed what we would do if certain situations occurred.

The children will be spending the last week before half term creating their own Victorian games. *Pictures/Videos coming soon



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