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“How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!”
Psalm 133.1

Category: Learning in the Forest

Amazonian Biomes!

Since the students have returned from the forest, they have been learning all about the Amazon Rainforest in relation to the text we have been reading The Explorer by Katherine

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How Do We Survive?

To kick-off their Autumn Term Project, the children in UKS2 paid a visit to the forest last weekend with Mr McKaye. They talked about what they thought was needed in

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Our final Forest session of Reception was a wonderful one! Mr McKaye reminded us of the elements required to make a fire. Then he tasked us with finding ‘fuel’ from

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Identifying Leaves

Another busy morning at the forest today for our youngest pupils. The children were leaf hunters! Working in groups with an activity sheet to help them identify different types of

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Printing in the Forest

Following on from our lesson on photosynthesis last week, today we collected leaves in the forest and identified the midrib and veins. We recapped how plants ‘eat’ and we were

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