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“How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!”
Psalm 133.1

Biscuit Henge

Today Oak class (Year 3) finished off our Summer Term 2021 project linked to our Vincentian Value: ‘We are stewards of our environment and of one another’ by creating a scale model of the Neolithic monument Stonehenge.

Stonehenge is perhaps the world’s most famous prehistoric monument. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located located on Salisbury Plain near Avebury in Wiltshire. It was built in several stages: the first monument was an early henge monument, built about 5,000 years ago, and the unique stone circle was erected in the late Neolithic period about 2500 BC. In the early Bronze Age many burial mounds were built nearby.

Stonehenge – Photographs courtesy of English Heritage Website/David Goddard/Getty Images.

The real Stonehenge is made of Bluestones (lintelled structures forming the outer circle) and Sarsen stones (inner circle) however we used Custard Cream biscuits to make our own version of ‘Biscuit Henge’!

Have a look below at the photos of our efforts, enjoy!

For more information on Stonehenge or to visit, go to English Heritage website:

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