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Author: A Yee

Can A Program Save A Life?

For this term’s driving question, UKS2 have been looking at computing, cracking codes, and World War Two so far in relation to the text we have been reading titled, ‘Letters

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Offline Activity Ideas

During lockdown, we understand that the amount of screen time for everyone has dramatically increased as we are all working remotely. So, we would like to share some amazing activities

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Online Safety Updates

It is difficult to stay updated with all of the latest apps and sites that are currently trending at the moment. However, it is imperative that all users understand the

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Raffle Tickets! Step Right Up!

This year our Christmas Raffle will be slightly different. Friday 20th November will be own clothes day and children are asked to bring in £2.50 for raffle tickets. Thank you

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Anti-Bullying Week 2020

This Friday, we are wearing odd socks to show our stance on being #UnitedAgainstBullying. As part of our Vincentian Values at St Vincent’s Catholic Primary School, it important that: We

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Beginning with the Church

Children in UKS2 have been learning about the key features in churches, which sacraments are part of the ‘Sacraments of Initiation’, what the four parts of Mass are, and studying

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Staying Safe Online

The COVID-19 outbreak has increased our reliance on technology, and with that change have come fears that online risks are also growing – particularly for children. While it’s true that

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This week’s theme is all about ‘Kindness’. Mentally Health Schools have put together all kinds of resources suited to help you. Here are some snapshots of the resources available. However,

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